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Neglect. That is what this account has suffered of late. For that I apologise most deeply. Work has eaten up all of my time. That looks set to change somewhat over the next few weeks, so hopefully normal service can be resumed at some point.
Much has happened since my last journal, in which the game was lost, therefore shall never be spoken of again. Here is a video of the Brythoniaid Male Voice Choir covering 'Go West' by the Pet Shop Boys to soothe my battered spirit -
  • Solo was declared fit and therefore survived a prolonged case of Septic Oesteitis. This makes him a living miracle and I cannot stop gushing about my ancient wonderhorse :D
  • I have two new nephews!
  • I failed my driving test, so have to retake it,
  • I passed this year of uni with a good mark,
  • Max II has collapsed in a heap of rust and bolts again. Max I remains a heap of rust and bolts,
  • Summer came! Summer came, and it's big and frightening and I don't like it! O_o
  • I have started running again of an evening: when the sun does begin to set, and the horseflies outgrabe.
Summer is great in theory, but rather awful in practice. If there were a local council for seasons and weather, I should be writing them a strongly-worded letter right about now. We don't have summer here. We have biblical rain every season, and temperatures high enough for the slight rolling up of one's trouser legs when one feels particularly adventurous, but nothing more. It is safe to venture from one's domicile around eight o'clock at night, when it is cool enough to don padded jackets and hard hats on the off chance that summer hasn't gone away for the night. It's so hot people are wearing sandals without socks for goodness sakes! Is there no sense of public decency and decorum remaining!?
The attic reaches sub-Saharan temperatures of an afternoon which stick around until about three in the morning when everything suddenly goes cold. The Gecko is loving it, but he doesn't have to get up for work around five-thirty. After work I retreat to the woods on the hill where it is cooler. I am fast gaining a reputation as the batty wood-lurker, but what do the normals know? 
I love summer really :P Once it's gone, I'll miss it and focus my energy on complaining about the autumn. Queuing and complaining are national past times. I have got three days holiday coming up starting on Wednesday which will be spent in and around the Forest of Dean with :icondormant374: in 'tha-van', which I am very much looking forward to. We're grown ups now, so we have grown up holidays apparently :3 
Back soon, and have a great summer! xxx
  • Eating: Ginger nuts
  • Drinking: Milk


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Ellie Polson
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

"When El puts on body spray she sits inside a fumigation tent and stabs the can with a nail so that it explodes. She comes out five minutes later asking if she smells. You know bee smokers? She uses them too. "

I have excellent taste in raptors.

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:icondormant374: My husband
:iconmust-operate: My little brother
:iconysbrydwyllt: My story illustration account - my art LJ - My twitter (used rarely as I just don't understand the workings of the twitter)

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necroFILLYa Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Holy shit. Holy SHIT. Stormus...? Seriously, fucking STORMUS? As in... the grey stallion with the lightning mark? Descended from Cloud (Silver Brumbies of the South/Silver Brumby Kingdom), if I remember right? From the old Wild Echoes "Sons of the Wind" brumby rpgs on yahoo groups...? If you're not the same Stormus then I apologise for the random spazzing at you, but you certainly seem like you very well could be what with the name and the SB art, and if you ARE... omfG. I haven't seen you in so many years. O_O

(Oh, and don't mind the account name, I keep forgetting the passwords for my main account/s on here so this is just a random one I made so I could at least see everything and fave stuff, etc, not to upload anything.)

If you're the Stormus I remember, then you would have known me by a name I'd rather not say out here in public view for... uhm, REASONS (which I can explain easily enough if we talk more privately)... but if it helps jog your memory I played Waiirri the cremello "Sky Stallion", among others, way back in the "old days" when I knew you (or the other person going by the same name?). Sorry, I'd have sent you a private note instead (particularly so I could tell you who I was, and not spam up your page here, haha) but I can never get those to work when I'm the first one to send something out, for some reason I seriously don't get, and I'm rarely on dA too.

Anyway, if you ARE indeed the Stormus I remember, there's a new Wild Echoes FB page at that you can contact me through if you like, or I'm at… and, or you can try sending me a note here on dA if you prefer and we can just hope it'll work from there, lol... or you can email me if you like: [notaserialkiller @ innocent . com] ...uhm yeah, don't mind the dodgy email address either... xD

So anyway, I'm terribly sorry for the long comment and the rambling and anonymity but I just HAD to see if it really was you. Or rather, the you I thought it might be? Uhh... you know what I mean. xD

Either way, your work is looking pretty damn awesome! 
stormus Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014   Digital Artist
Hey, friend :)

No worries. I think it may be Steve you mean. He's on here at

Hope he's the guy :) Thanks for the compliment xx
fearless-frog Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank-you-for-watch by KmyGraphic  
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Thanks for the watch 
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thanks for the llama! :iconllama-plz:
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Thanks for the fave!!!
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Thank you for the watch- I really appreciate it! :D
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Ta x You have an awesome gallery!
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